Company Values

Customer Satisfaction

With a cordial working relationship with vendors, suppliers, technical partners and government agencies related to our industry; we are able to provide tailor made professional and value adding services to our customers in line with agreed objectives.
At Harbour marine and tankers, we understand that maintaining a healthy customer base is vital to business growth and so stop at no measure in ensuring that all our customers are satisfied with the services rendered. The highest quality of marine assets is supplied, manned by professional crews which operate at utmost safety, while ensuring operational excellence.

Employee Motivation

Harbour Marine and tankers understand the importance of providing a high level of employee motivation on the overall operational output in the maritime environment. To this effect we ensure that our staff members are given the required trainings to increase their intellectual and material resources necessary to carry out their functions within their operational environment be in onshore based or on the sea.
For our offshore staff, we understand the challenges that could come from extended periods of life at sea and therefore have flexible work rotational arrangements. All our staff members are nonetheless compensated competitively.

Continuous Innovation

Harbour Marine and Tankers is committed to continuous innovation and improvements in our approach to work and processes. In providing marine and transportation services to customers in the offshore oil service industry and allied sectors, we anticipate the evolution of the customer demands, market dynamics and regulatory improvements thereby arming ourselves with the necessary tools to efficiently satisfy customer demands.
Also, a focus of continuous improvements is placed in the maintenance of our quality systems thus enabling us to seek for new ways to comply with the specific customer demands and international codes of best practices always.


At Harbour Marine and Tankers, we strive towards maintaining a zero error rate within our work environment at all times. We believe that accidents do not just happen and that safety is a mind-set that must be imbibed, not only at work but also at home.
The safety system in place involves proactive planning, strategy, implementation compliance, and corrective action where necessary.

We are compliant with the necessary ISO standards in environmental management system, Quality management system, competence management system, IT service management system and food safety management system. We also abide by the Maritime safety and security management systems as well as government regulatory standards along the lines of industry best practices.


At Harbour Marine and Tankers, we conduct our business to the highest ethical standards. We preach and operate with a great deal of respect given to the environment, our host community, and our clients. We abide by all necessary international, industry and regional regulations.
In terms of reliability and availability, our operations are carried out with the highest level of integrity. We always seek to establish excellent rapport with our clients and always feel at liberty to divulge relevant operational information to them for the betterment of mutual project improvements.

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